What’s the point of this blog?

This is my new blog about… well. About things. Things that I think mostly. Hopefully, interesting (or at least funny) things. Probably things related to my professional interests. So broadly, public health. But really, that’s not a specific enough premise for a blog. The digital world is overflowing with content. I don’t see any reason to add to the chaos unless I can offer a unique, valuable and FOCUSED contribution. Sure, there are probably about 12 people in the world who wonder, What does Jessica think about life in general? But, as much as I love you twelve, I don’t think a diary of my random musings on any topic that pops into my head is worthwhile. Does the world really need a long format publication of my Facebook status feed? (The answer is no.) So if this endeavor is going to be value-added, I think I better figure out what it is I want to talk about.

Unfortunately, that is still a work in progress. We can call this period an attempt to find my voice. Hence the blog’s current title. This is where you come in, oh 12 faithful readers. For the next few weeks/months, I’ll be adding posts here. What thread will bind them all together? So we shall see. And then, I’ll ask for your help coming up with an appropriate name.

After that, we’ll push this blog out of the nest and see if it flies. And that’s it. Voilà!

If you’re looking for my other (currently hibernating) blog, Adventures in the Confœderatio Helvetica, it has migrated to: http://adventuresintheconfoederatiohelvetica.wordpress.com/.